The Alchemists' Quest


Cue Jurrasic Park music

Once the group lands on the island they start out by scouting the local wildlife and encounter typical jungle bugs and snakes. On the way back to the campsite, they encounter a mysterious Eladrin with dryads and other creatures of the forest. Bigsby tries to hide but is completely out of his element in the jungle. The Eladrin tells them that the forest is sacred and they shouldn’t be there. Thinking quickly, Corinna convinces them that they crashed on the island and were just trying to fix their boat instead of chopping down trees. The Eladrin tells them they have a week to fix up their boat and leave or the consequences will be dire.
Once they inform Hammond, he seems confused. He obtained the proper permits from the Eladrin Council. The group decides to stay and sure enough, exactly one week later the Eladrin appears again on the edge of camp in a rage. “It’s been a week and you’re still here! You told me you just crashed but here you are chopping down these sacred trees!” He screamed.
“Yes, that one always lies. Never trust her,” lied Bigsby. “But we have a permit from the Eladrin Council that says we can be here,” He continued truthfully for once.
“Let me see that!”
Bigsby hands over the paper and the Eladrin rips it into pieces. “The council is corrupt. I tried to get them to protect this forest and island but they would not do it. So now I must be its protector! You will rue the day you came here!” he exclaimed as he disappeared into the forest. The group agreed that was odd.
Ja’ron, Alec, and Baal decided to scout and try to find where the Eladrin went leaving Bigsby, Corinna, and Salah to guard the camp. The ground started rumbling and rats and small lizards were running from the forest as dinosaurs burst forth and attacked the campsite. The 3 left managed to hold off two waves of attacks with only minimal damage to the perimeter of the camp. While they did have some trouble with dino-spit and a couple swarms of tiny dinosaurs dragging down the Gnomish engineers repairing the camp perimeter they had no trouble with the triceratops, ankylosaurus, or small tyranosaurus rex that attacked. However the ground is still rumbling and birds and vermin are escaping the forest in droves. Big things are still approaching…



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