The Alchemists' Quest

Sky Piracy

Sky pirates disrupt the party's pursuit of the wind trials

The Running of the Griffons was that very day, and the party was tasked with defending the herd as they flew to the nesting grounds. Everything was proceeding apace until a gnomish airship manned by sky pirates flew up from a cloud bank. The party managed to draw the fire of their net guns until Bixby finally disabled the guns with precision crossbow strikes. One even exploded, killing its gunner.

After arriving at the nesting grounds, the party learned that Nina had been captured by the very same sky pirates that had disrupted the running. In a daring air raid, the party cleared the deck of pirates before heading below decks to free Nina. After subduing the pirates in the cabins of the middle hold, the party descended into the dark of the cargo hold, uncertain of what they may find.



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