The Alchemists' Quest

The Beginning

The first level.

I decided it was time to start telling the story of this game so here’s what’s happened the first 2 sessions of the campaign…

The town of Pallet has fallen on rough times. Ever since the resident wizard, Professor Oak passed away problems have been everywhere. The dead have started plaguing the town at night, scary things have been escaping from the library, trading caravans are being attacked, the stream is drying up, the goblin neighbors have been growing restless, and cats have been going missing. Luckily the Alchemists have set up shop in the old wizard tower and are accepting recruits to help fix the town’s problems.

Day 1

Five new heroes looking to make a name for themselves happen to get thrown together when Lieutenant Jonah is asked to solve a rat problem at the mill. The 5 heroes; Aldera a halfling rogue, Baal a half-elf invoker/shaman, Bixby a shifter rogue/cleric, Orenna a goliath ranger, and Saladin a human paladin follow Reggie the Miller back to the mill and slay the rats in a mighty battle. Upon their return they are greeted by flaming wizards screaming and running out of the tower. Jonah leans out his window and yells at the 5 to go take care of the problem. They discover the library in the basement of the tower has a big bat problem. They get beaten up a bit but manage to extinguish the bats just as a wizard calling himself Wednesday walks into the basement. He informs them that he’s in charge of trying to organize Oak’s library and notes to see what he was researching and if anything is salvageable. They report in to Jonah who is less than impressed and are allowed to stay in the bunks in the tower. He seems to have accepted them as recruits.

Day 2

Jonah informs the newbies they’re on graveyard duty that night. It seems the Alchemists have been trying to keep the dead in the graveyard when they rise at night. They spend the morning exploring the graveyard and nearby temple/church to see what they’re up against. When they arrive they meet Sister Rose who is in charge of the local temple there. She has been caring for the only survive of the graveyard shift from the night before, a halfling shaman named Peenwali. One of the Alchemists, a water cleric named Katara has been praying at the temple a lot and learning about Sister Rose and the graveyard. Between the two of them the party learns that the undead became a problem 10-20 years before but Rose and Oak worked closely together to seal the graveyard at night so they couldn’t get out. Once Oak died, his half of the seal fizzled and now the dead can escape certain places. Rose seemed untrustworthy of the outsiders, especially the men and wouldn’t share much more besides the bare details. The party decide it would be best to take Peenwali with them since she had been through graveyard duty already. Katara also volunteers to help out with any healing they need that night.

That afternoon the group decides to make some extra money by cleaning up around the Alchmist’s tower. While Orenna and Baal tear up weeds and burn swaths of land making a rock garden and fire garden, Aldera uses her circus acrobatics to clean the windows. Bixby, Peenwali, and Saladin help Wednesday in the library and stumble upon some interesting journals on fungus. Peenwali figures out “fungus” is Oak’s codeword for “dragons” and Bixby finds out the Professor was looking for the Philosopher’s Stone which he believed the dragons held the key to. By then it was about time for them to watch the graveyard so the positioned themselves outside.

Around midnight the earth started moving and zombies and skeletons popped out. The group finished them off with little problem and found some magic armor on one of the bodies.

Day 3

Jonah is thrilled with the success of the graveyard shift and almost stops frowning for a second. He assigns the group to handle a halfling dispute between the innkeepers and a local gang that’s disturbing the peace. While Aldera becomes friendly with Red and Dorothy Ketchum, the innkeepers, the others find out there are 2 rival gangs in town, the Bloodhawks and the Graverats. It seems Mr Ketchum and the leader of the Bloodhawks, Mr Mustard, have gotten into a fight and a precious Ketchum heirloom has gone missing. Mrs Ketchum just can’t cook as well without it. They believe Mr Mustard and the Bloodhawks stole it. Meanwhile Bixby sneaks away and allies himself with both gangs. He uses the Graverats to double cross the Bloodhawks essentially wiping them completely out. The remaining Bloodhawks retaliate against him, almost killing him if it weren’t for the rest of the group stepping in. With the gang war over, peace settles over the town and the group finds the Ketchum heirloom and returns it to innkeepers in exchange for a magic pendant of protection.

Having continued to do a good job, the group is rewarded with another graveyard shift which they cover with ease. They really think they’re starting to learn things and get the hang of this adventuring thing.



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