The Alchemists' Quest

The First 5 Levels

Getting into the Alchemists

Wow, I update this sporadically. It looks like the last update was when everyone was still in Pallet Town. I consider the Pallet Town adventure to be kind of a prologue. The real story begins once you leave. So I want to do a quick write up of what happened there and get started with the real story…

Pallet was a nice quiet town until the local wizard, Oak, died. Oak acted as kind of a defacto mayor of town. He helped solve town problems and keep the peace. Once he died everything fell apart. Undead started appearing in town, supplies started getting stolen, the goblin neighbors started getting more aggressive, and the rats, bats, and bees really started getting out of hand. So the people of Pallet Town reached out to the Alchemists for help solving these problems. The Alchemists, being a very well known and popular problem solving group, responded much faster than anyone expected. They sent Lieutenant Jonah of Portakal to the town and in no time at all had a base of operations set up at Oak’s old tower with invitations sent out to recruit new adventurers. This is where the story of our adventurers begins.

Many responded to the invites since many wanted to join the ranks of the elite Alchemists. Our group were thrown together rather haphazardly by Lieutenant Jonah and quickly became fast friends (or something like that). Lieutenant Jonah didn’t seem to care about the town’s problems so he kept sending our adventuring group out to solve them and surprisingly they seemed to be fixing things in town.

First they helped the townspeople get rid of the pests and then stopped the Kobolds from attacking the supply wagons. They negotiated a new peace treaty with the local Goblins and finally solved the undead problem. While stopping the Kobolds they encountered a slippery little guy named Kix and discovered the real reason Lieutenant Jonah had rushed to Pallet Town so quickly. It seems that one of the 6 Legendary Keys to the Philosopher’s Stone had been stolen from Portakal and Lieutenant Jonah was tasked with finding and returning the key before anyone found out. Kix got to the Key first and would have gotten away with it if his hatred of the Pallet hadn’t lead him to return with goblins to attack the city. In the course of burning down Oak’s tower he was apprehended by our adventurers and Lieutenant Jonah who then announced he was returning home.

The Alchemists left via teleportation circle but Wednesday gave everyone that participated in the events at Pallet Town a compass that would help them find their way to Portakal where they would begin their initiation into the Alchemists.

Our Adventurers set out on their journey but gained the eternal gratitude of the Millers, the Ketchums, Miss Blanche DuBois, Sister Rose, Sophia Holtzhei, the soul of Oak, and the rest of the townspeople.

After a long journey, the party entered Portakal and met with Lieutenant Jonah’s superior, Commander Aiden. They started the initiation where they found out the secrets of the Alchemists and of the trials they’d have to overcome to become full fledged Alchemists. They must journey to each of the Elemental Temples and pass a series of tests. Everyone received a special tattoo that would develop over time as the trials are overcome.

Aiden dubbed our adventurers Squad One and informed them that they had a few days before the Trials of the Earth Temple were set up and sent them on a mission to find out why Dwarves were going missing. They discovered a secret lair of spiders which had been feeding on people who wandered too far alone. The group dispatched the spiders and return to Aiden to report their findings…



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