The Alchemists' Quest

Water temple part 1

Trials and trials

The party arrived at the temple of Mavi ready to jump in and get wet.
Commander Roland said their first task was to stop a ghost ship from harassing traders in the Trial of Waves. They found the lone survivor, a dragonborn named Penelope and she guided them to the ghost ship site. After waiting a few days, the ship finally appeared. They fought their way through the cold fog and ghosts only to find the ship had been looking for its missing crew member, Penelope. She assured them she had escaped and was still living. Finally finding what it was looking for, the ghost ship disappeared but not before the party managed to grab some treasure.
Upon returning, they found Lieutenant Faye was having a grand dinner party and everyone was expected to attend. During the course of the evening, Alek was framed for murder and taken into custody. The party sprang into action with each member exploring a different avenue. Finally they figured out the real guilty party was Rhaego, the drake rancher who bred a basilisk. He was afraid Alek would uncover the crime he committed years ago but was blamed on Alek’s parents. In the course of apprehending Rhaego, Damen was almost turned to stone but saved at the last minute by some ritual healing. With Alek’s name cleared and the murder solved, the ports were opened again and the party was free to continue with their trials.
When the ports were reopened, one of the first ships to land was another group of new Alchemists fresh from their trials at the Earth Temple. The Dwarves were eager to get their trials underway and Commander Roland had the perfect mission. The dragonborn pirates were planning on hitting a major Saugahin settlement that had been harassing boats and corrupting the water with their blood rituals. The settlement was protected by 3 temples that had to be taken out before the assault could begin. The new group of Dwarves was to take out the land temple, a group of pirates would destroy the aquatic temple, and the party would infiltrate the mixed temple.
Our party arrived at their destination and took out the guards. Once inside they figured out how to raise and lower the water level which made clearing out the rest of the enemies easy. They went down a long hallway that ended in a big open room with no clear exits except 40 feet above them. About this time they got a message from their ship saying there was a shark swimming around and they needed help to dispatch it. They drew straws and Alek and Baal got the short ones. Jaron walked them to the entrance in case there were more raiders. This left Salah, Corinna, and Bixby to explore the room. Once they entered, slime on the wall started rippling and dripping to the ground and 2 large black slimes appeared. Every time they were hit, a smaller slime broke off. They quickly grabbed Salah and Bixby and the acid started eating away at their healing surges. Bixby and Corinna killed one quickly but by the time they killed Salah’s he had taken quite a lot of damage. He collapsed in the shallow water when the water talked to him. This freaked him out quite a bit and he quickly got up and climbed to higher ground but once he calmed down he realized he did feel refreshed and could keep going.
Bixby ran back to the entrance to raise the water level and grab Jaron but when he tried to swim back down the hallway he found it crowded with grabbing seaweed and hot jets of water. He hacked his way through the seaweed and the group swam up to the hole in the top of the chamber.
The climbed out of the hold on the dry ground and followed a hallway to an open chamber. They could feel the chaotic evil energy of this place emanating from that room. It was a long room, half filled with water that resembled a shark mouth. There were spikes jutting down from the ceiling and pillars coming out of the water that could be stood on and at the back of the room was a raised alter and 2 priests. Bixby snuck in first and got all the way to the back alter. Once the others rushed in, he changed himself to look like one of the priests and proceeded to confuse them. Salah somehow jumped 10 feet onto a pillar without falling, Corinna deftly leapt from pillar to pillar, dispatching sahaugin until she reached the altar with Bixby, and Jaron charged into the water and started using his axes to burst minions and make frozen fish sticks. After the enemies were finished, Jaron broke the alter and everyone felt the evil energy dissipate.
Once back on the boat, they contacted Roland and let him know they were finished. He told them great, and that the pirate group was also finished but he hadn’t heard from the Dwarven group. He asked the party to go check on them to make sure nothing went wrong…



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