The Alchemists' Quest

Year end review

2012 in a nutshell

I wanted to remind everyone of what all you did this year so here’s a quick summary:

You finished the fire trials (Warmth, Spirit, and Burning), got an orphan, Bixby got a puppy, Baal got a Fire Saint’s Holy Symbol (and scolded by nuns), and you guys robbed a red dragon (but he doesn’t know you did it)
You journeyed up to the air temple with a band of Shifters (including a particularly dashing one named Cloud), you traveled across the lightning fields to the Sky Spear (with only Alec or Salah I can’t remember which getting struck by lightning) and you climbed the tower to find Yeshil, the city in the clouds.
You met Commander Jayda, Lieutenant Nina, and the Maestro who helped you learn your song. Then you used the song to bond with a griffon. While Nina infiltrated the circus, you guys played some games and then freed the animals (Song of Freedom). Jayda had you help her escape with the griffons while the circus poachers chased you (Song of Swiftness) but after you escaped them and the griffons were safe, she had you infiltrate their airship to free Nina (Song of Storms).
Finally, you got to the port city of Drogon (I think that was it’s name?) where you were hired by Hammond to help protect his lumber operation on the wild island to the south. After you explored it you were contacted by a crazy Eladrin that wanted you off the island. When you remained, it sent disease and waves of dinosaurs to destroy the camp. You got the initial assault under control and then tracked the Eladrin through jungle and swamp until you found its ritual clearing. After a long difficult fight against the Eladrin and the trees it controlled, you were victorious and the jungle went back to being at peace. The rest of your time on the island was uneventful, everyone recovered from the blinding sickness (one way or another) and you returned to Drogon much richer. Now you are preparing to set out for the Water Temple of Mavi under the Great Water Spout. Who knows what adventures you’ll encounter this next year (I certainly don’t)?



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