Sneaky Kobold that stole the Earth Key


Kix started off as a runt of a kobold always getting beat up by his kin. So he ran away and was found by a wizard named Oak who saw the small kobold as a potential apprentice. Once they came to Pallet Town, Kix managed to get himself in trouble time after time and got a reputation from the townspeople for being kicked around. This left a lingering hatred of Pallet Town in his mind.
After Oak’s death, Kix disappeared and many suspected he had a part in the death. Squad One found him among the Kobolds who were attacking the trade wagons and used him as a guide to the dragon in charge of the marauders. However once they made it to the dragon, Kix managed to escape and while the group was fighting the dragon he managed to steal the Earth Key. He then convinced the local goblins to attack Pallet Town to exact his revenge on the people that abused him. However the Alchemists stopped the attack and captured him and the key.

Currently he’s being held prisoner in Portakal.



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