An enthusiastic young Dragonborn Warlord


Alec is a curious young dragonborn. He regales the group with the legends and stories of the dragonborn, but has yet to tell anything of his own triumphs. His speech is also strange for his kind, never mentioning clan or honor or invoking the dragon Gods, or any Gods at all for that matter.

He is energetic beyond the point of tiresome, befitting his youth, yet he will always be found at the library before a new encounter. “Knowledge and preparation” is his mantra. He is clearly comfortable with the accouterments of battle, but makes no mention of dragonborn martial honor. Even if he is the first to rush into the battle line, he would prefer to circumvent the battle entirely if it is not a necessary one.

The warlord joined our band of would-be Alchemists after they rescued him from the spider infested caves outside the dwarven city of Portokal. He proceeded to aid the band in slaying the lair’s spider queen, putting an end to the rash of dwarfnappings which had plagued the city. He has sought to integrate himself into the group with the same energy and devotion which is his trademark. He will always be the first to buy a round for his comrades, even if he’s leaving early to prepare for the next encounter.

Alec’s Story


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