The Alchemists' Quest

Water temple part 1
Trials and trials

The party arrived at the temple of Mavi ready to jump in and get wet.

Year end review
2012 in a nutshell

I wanted to remind everyone of what all you did this year so here’s a quick summary:

Cue Jurrasic Park music

Once the group lands on the island they start out by scouting the local wildlife and encounter typical jungle bugs and snakes.

From Air to Water

The lower hold of the ship held not cargo, but the controls.

Sky Piracy
Sky pirates disrupt the party's pursuit of the wind trials

The Running of the Griffons was that very day, and the party was tasked with defending the herd as they flew to the nesting grounds.

Journey to Raksha
Our victorious heroes head north

The group of adventurers stepped out of the final Earth Trial victorious. Well not all of them.

The Earth Trials Begin

Finally, after months of preparation, the group starts the Earth Trials.

The First 5 Levels
Getting into the Alchemists

Wow, I update this sporadically. It looks like the last update was when everyone was still in Pallet Town. I consider the Pallet Town adventure to be kind of a prologue. The real story begins once you leave. So I want to do a quick write up of what happened there and get started with the real story…

The Beginning
The first level.

I decided it was time to start telling the story of this game so here’s what’s happened the first 2 sessions of the campaign…


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