Jar-on's Story

Heroic Tier

Jar-on, the minotaur ranger, ran into his old companion, Bixby in Portakal. Bixby had just completed the Earth Tests and convinced Jar-on to join the Alchemists and come with him. He has been guarding Bixby ever since which means the trouble that Bixby causes often finds its way to Jar-on as well.

  • In Kizil he sided with the Fire Titans and received the Symbol of _______ for completing the Fire Trials.
  • At Yeshil he won the griffon race and was rewarded with Boots of Cloud Walking. After finishing the Air Songs, he received the Symbol of ________.
  • In Mavi Jar-on became very good friends with the Dragonborn Penelope which is where he spent most of his time. He received the Symbol of _______ for completing the Water Trials.
  • After Bixby’s shadow dreams started manifesting, Jar-on started having strange dreams of his own. A ghostly minotaur would beckon him to come but would always remain just out of reach. Jar-on knows this means he can’t put off his tribe’s spirit quest much longer. Soon he will have to return to his tribe for this personal trial.

Paragon Tier

Path to becoming a Pathfinder

Epic Tier

Jar-on's Story

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