Pallet Town – Where the adventure begins
Portakal – Giant Dwarven city and Earth Temple
Sky Mountain – Where Portakal was banished. The Dwarves built a city under it.
The Adamantine Citadel – Major world city said to be protected by dragons


Great Flame Pillar – Where Kizil was banished, died, and was reborn in a tower of flame that never dies.
Kizil – Abandoned Fire Temple and Tiefling treasure trove
Pumis – Large island city-state known for its ceramics


Sky Spear – Solitary tower that rises above the clouds and acts as a lightning rod.
Yeshil – City in the clouds and Air Temple


Newport – Great port city of Dragonborn and Elves. One of the major trading cities in the world.
Great Water Spout – Where Mavi was banished. A pillar of water rushes to the sky to meet it’s creator again.
Mavi – Turbulent Water Temple and ocean spout


Ishik – Isolated location of the Light Temple. It’s difficult to get to and they close their city off in winter.


Koyu – Location of the Dark Temple. It is treacherous to journey there as all monsters are said to come from there and swarm the lands around.


Gnorlock – Great city of invention and populated mostly by Gnomes.


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