All the Races from the DnD material are available. For the most part they all intermingle with each other well. Each civilized race kind of favors certain terrain but you can find about any race about anywhere in the world. There are many tribes of orcs, goblins, kobolds, and other barbarian races but most would agree they take away from culture of the world rather than contribute any of their own.

Dragonborn – Descended from the dragons they look like, the Dragonborn prefer the sea and water to land.

Dwarves – Found mining under mountains, the Dwarves have great empire under the Spine, Hyperbole, and Tetonic mountains.

Eladrin – Mysterious and powerful, the Eladrin are Elves who inherit a great line of nature spirit and power.

Elves – An airy people, the Elves can be found hunting and playing anywhere trees can be found.

Genasi – High priests in the Great Elemental Cities, the Genasi take great pride in their element and the god they work for.

Gnomes – While they are found under the mountains with Dwarves, the Gnomes prefer cozy hills to towering peaks

Goliaths – What the Dwarves are below the mountains, the Goliaths are above. They prefer the open air.

Halflings – A jolly people, the Halflings make their home wherever fields are good for farming.

Humans – Generally a desert people, the Humans can adapt to any environment but are masters of none.

Shifters – Nomads who wander without a home, the Shifters travel and trade all throughout the lands.

Tieflings – Passionate purveyors of the pecular, the Tieflings prefer warmer climates but can be found wherever curiosities surface.

Other races exist but are much rarer. Not many have seen a Drow, Warforged or Deva but they exist out there somewhere.


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