Religion on Dunya is interesting because the gods are gone. They don’t appear and they don’t answer prayers despite what some crazy people may tell you They literally cannot do any of that because they were banished 2,000 years ago and there is an actual barrier that prevents them from interacting with Dunya. I suppose I should start explaining from the beginning…
According to legends, before the gods existed the Elder Ones. The White Elders could only create, and the Black Elders could only destroy. For all of time they created a constant circle of creation and destruction. Eventually the White Elders succeeded in creating something that could not be destroyed, the first god, Koyu. The Dark Elders tried with all their might but could not destroy Koyu. Then they discovered they could corrupt her and thus the first of the gods fell into darkness. The Elders made four more gods and each one was corrupted with varying degrees of success and thus were born Mavi, Portakal, Kizil, and Yeshil. Finally the White Ones created Ishik who was the most resistant to the corruption of the Black Ones although not completely resistant.
The Elder Ones created a world for the gods to live on and instantly they started fighting over it. Ishik and Koyu fought over light and darkness, Portakal would grow mountains and Yeshil with buffet them into sand, and Kizil would burst fire across the planet and Mavi would extinguish the flames. They created or corrupted all manner of plants and animals eventually making the first humans. The humans were very malleable and soon each god has his or her own version to give worship. Each god also had a special caste of priests called Genasi that were infused with their pure elemental energy.
Time did not exist in those days, the world was chaos and each group of people would desperately worship their god in the hopes that he or she would spare their families. But the gods were selfish and cruel and raged across the planet. Finally their worshipers had enough and banded together to form the first Alchemists. These Alchemists banded together to create The Philosopher’s Stone and with it they banished the gods from the Dunya. It was decided that the Stone was too powerful for any one group to have and sealed away with 6 keys. The keys were given to each of the elemental Genasi to keep them apart and the Alchemists set up guild halls to keep an eye on the keys.
The location where each god was when he or she was banished was infused with their energy. The Genasi priests built temples at each location to house the keys and to gather those that still worshiped the banished gods.

The gods are:

Ishik, the golden dragon god. Also known as Bahamut, Pelor, Allah, Sol, Lucius, Yang, and many more names. He’s associated with light, the sun, yellow, protection from darkness and death, masculine strength, divine love, creation, paladins, navigators, and priests.

Portakal, the citrine ram. Also known as Kord, Ioun, Erathis, Marduk, Gaia, and many more. He’s associated with earth, cities, people in general, farmers and all that grows on the earth, mountains, battle strength, protection, archived knowledge, farmers, miners, and fighters.

Kizil, the ruby phoenix. Also known as Moradin, Ishtar, Vulcan, Ifreet, and many more. She’s associated with fire, art, smiths, passionate love, death and rebirth, summer, dancers, brides, and farmers.

Koyu, the onyx wolf. Also known as Raven Queen, Sehanine, Pluto, Set, Yin, and many more. She’s associated with darkness, the night, the moon, winter, erotic love, feminine strength, destruction, death, secret knowledge, thieves, prostitutes, and witches.

Mavi, the sapphire orca. Also known as Melora, Corellon, Neptune, Shiva, and many more. She’s associated with water, cold, healing, spring, oceans, lakes, rivers, doctors, hunters, and sailors.

Yeshil, the emerald falcon. Also known as Avandra, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Horus, and many more. He’s associated with air, travel, trade, forests, freedom, change, fun, speach, merchants, travelers, and birds.


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