Salah's Story

Heroic Tier

Salah ad-Din, the human Paladin, hails from the deserts NW of Portakal. From a young age he was chosen by Ishik although Salah hasn’t necessarily chosen Ishik back. His induction into the paladin order has raised his social and economic status and allowed him to obtain his small harem. His duty often forces him from his wives for long periods of time. He joined the Alchemists in Pallet Town and is often seen riding his horse, Jerusalem.

  • In Portakal Aidin marked him as the leader of group and usually sends orders through him. Salah received the Symbol of Endurance for completing the Earth Tests.
  • Salah sided with the Efreet at Kizil. He disappeared mysteriously at the Nunnery leading many to suspect he had a spurned lover in the sisterhood. Thus he was absent when the group adopted Damien and unable to voice and objection. He completed the Fire Trials which earned him the Symbol of Warmth.
  • He received the Symbol of Swiftness for finishing the Air Songs.
  • In Mavi, he acquired a sea horse which is yet to be named. He completed the Water Trials which earned him the Symbol of Waves.
  • In the shifter camp, he gave Bixby’s former master, Hardric, a light funeral which has helped spread interest of light amongst the shifters. At Ishik, Trillian was excited to meet him but has become increasingly frustrated with Salah’s lack of zeal. He earned the Symbol of Purity for completing the Light Trials.
  • He received the Symbol of Shadow for completing the Dark Trials.


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Epic Tier

Salah's Story

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