Welcome to Dunya, a land still bearing the scars of a terrible war fought by the gods 2,000 years ago. Two millennia ago is when the peoples banded together to form a group called the Alchemists. These Alchemists created a philosopher’s stone which they used to banish the gods from the world. The stone was then sealed away in a locked secret location and the keys were scattered and given to each of the six gods’ temples to be guarded. The Alchemists then devoted themselves to helping the people that had been devastated by the constant warring of the gods. Eventually almost all forgot about the philosopher’s stone and the Alchemists became a sort of hero’s guild that helped people all throughout the world (for a moderate fee of course). Almost all worship of the gods ceased except for a few fanatical sects around each of the temples.

Congratulations, your dream to join the Alchemists has come true after proving your worth in the small town of Pallet. You then visited the Alchemist halls at each of the six elemental temples thus becoming a full fledged member. Who knows what adventures will be had as a full member of the guild.

The Alchemists' Quest

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