Halfling rogue circus performer.


The youngest of 12 children, Corina was born into a circus family. They travel around to major cities and The Flying Badger Brothers Circus is well known on the southern continent. Most of her siblings are circus performers with the exception of her oldest brother, Corin who was named after their grandfather. When he was young he enjoyed performing for adventurers especially and kept trying to sneak away with them. Finally when he was old enough he set off on his own to make his own adventuring legend. Corina’s only seen him a handful of times (Lieutenant Nina in Yeshil claims he helped her escape from the kenku circus).

Corina was also named after her grandfather, Corin the Dagger Master. He was a great adventurer and many people know his name and his stories. He retired before Corina was born but she always loved sitting on his knee and listening to his stories. At the tender age of 5 he started teaching Corina how to throw a dagger and gave her his 3 remaining daggers which are her prized possessions. She always carries them in a pocked close to her heart.

Corina’s Story


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