6 Great Elemental Temples

After the first Alchemists created the Philosopher’s Stone and used it to banish the gods from the world, they deemed it too powerful to be used again and hid it in a secret place which was then sealed with 6 keys one to represent each god. One key was then taken to each place where the gods last stood and placed in a temple guarded by Elemental Genasi.

The Air Key is in the Storm Spire, the Temple of Air. It is where Yeshil, the Emerald Falcon, last flew before being banished from the world. His rage was such that a powerful never ceasing storm swirls around the area.

The Water Key is in the Water Temple located next to the Great Water Spout. It is said that Mavi, the Sapphire Orca was so fond of the world that she tried to bring some of it with her when she left. Thus a spout of water that reaches to the sky was formed.

The Earth Key is in the Dwarven capitol city of Portakal. The city is named after Portakal, the Citrine Ram. So stubborn was Portakal that he refused to be banished even with the power of the Philosopher’s Stone. He clung to the very earth and had to be uprooted pulling the very earth with him and forming the mountains.

The Fire Key is in the Fire Temple situated near the Great Flame Pillar. When the gods were banished, Kizil, the Ruby Phoenix actually died once the energy from the Elemental Chaos at the center of the world was blocked from her. So great was her resurrection that it burned a hole through the barrier and into the Elemental Chaos below, allowing fire to continually erupt into the sky and Astral Plane where the gods now reside.

The Key of Light is Ishik, the City of Eternal Light. Said to be located at the top of the world, when Ishik, the Golden Dragon, was banished he took the very light of the world with him. The settlement lost many when darkness first fell on it and it is now a mere shadow of the city it once was.

The Key of Darkness is in Koyu, the City of Shadows. Mothers tell their children this is where monsters come from. Koyu, the Onyx Wolf, loved corrupting the creations of Ishik more than anything and so her city was overrun with monsters and other creatures of darkness. When Koyu was banished the world became a little brighter.

6 Great Elemental Temples

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