Alchemist trials

Alch tatAfter their initial initiation into the Alchemist Guild, new Alchemists are given a magical tattoo with 6 empty circles. Each one represents one of the great Elemental Temples where the Keys of the Gods are held. The second half of initiation involves traveling from Temple to Temple and completing a series of trials to prove their worth. After completing a set of trials, one of the tattoo circles is filled in with a symbol that enhances their skills or powers.

Known Trials:

Earth Trials – The Earth Trials are a big spectacle since the Temple is located at the heart of the Dwarven capitol.
Test of Strength – Initiates must show strength of stone to grind living rock into rubble.
Test of Endurance – Initiates must endure the crushing grip of the earth and find a way to escape.
Test of Steadfastness – Initiates must remain rock steady in the face of an overwhelming force.

Fire Trials
Trial of Warmth – Initiates help warm relations between fire denizens.
Trial of Spirit – Initiates commune with troubled spirits.
Trial of Burning – Initiates must survive a maze of fire.

Air Songs
Song of Freedom – Initiates enjoy the freedom of the skies.
Song of Swiftness – Initiates speed along the wind.
Song of Storms – Initiates must survive a raging storm.

Water Trials
Trial of Waves – Initiates must endure the strength of the sea.
Trial of Blood – Initiates must harness the power of blood and life.
Trial of Cleansing – Initiates help purify corruption.

Trial of Light – The Temples of Light and Darkness are difficult to find and therefor almost nothing is known about the trials performed there.

Trial of Darkness – The Temple of Darkness is said to be where monsters come from so whatever nightmare trials are performed are told in the unintelligible language of the monsters.

Alchemist trials

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