Alec's Story

Heroic Tier

Alec, the warlord joined our band of would-be Alchemists after they rescued him from the spider infested caves outside the dwarven city of Portakal. He proceeded to aid the band in slaying the lair’s spider queen, putting an end to the rash of dwarfnappings which had plagued the city.

  • He received the Symbol of ______ for completing the Earth Tests.
  • During the Fire Trials, he sided with the Fire Titans to make peace. He received the Symbol of _____ for completing the Fire Trials.
  • For completing the Air Songs, he received the Symbol of ______.
  • Shortly after arriving in Mavi, the water temple, Alec was accused of a murder and had to clear his name. During the investigation, he almost got Damien killed by a basilisk but let the suspect escape in order to get Damien to the temple in time to be saved. Eventually they discovered the real murderer and cleared Alec and his birthparents’ names. He received his Content Not Found: drogos-family-crest for clearing his family’s name. Faye has taken a liking to him and enjoys teaching him Dragonborn customs. He received the Symbol of _________ for completing the Water Trials.

Along with Baal and Corina, he formed the Drunken Dragon Brewing Company and has collected White and Silver Dragon Essence.

Paragon Tier

Aye Aye Capn

Epic Tier

Alec's Story

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