Baal's Story

Heroic Tier

Baal, the half-elf Invoker, was raised by fire nuns near the Fire Temple of Kizil. He learned how to invoke spirits of Kizil from a hermit on a volcano and joined the Alchemists in Pallet Town in order to explore the world and find a lost friend of his who was captured by slavers when he was younger.

  • After completing the Earth Tests, he received the Symbol of Endurance.
  • At Kizil, he sided with the Efreet and was instrumental in forging peace between them and the Fire Titans. He did spend so much time with them that he was marked as an Efreet for awhile which caused some minor headaches. The group found out the Fire Nuns that raised Baal were tending to the wounded from a recent conflict and Baal’s homecoming allowed the group to spend the night and figure out Ramone, the red dragon was the real cause of the conflict. One of the orrphans they saved, Damien, hid in their boat and the group ended up adopting him. For solving the conflict by reconstructing the Content Not Found: holy-symbol-of-pholus, the Holy Symbol chose Baal and stuck with him till they arrived at Mavi and the symbol decided to move on. Baal received the Symbol of Burning for completing the Fire Trials.
  • Baal received the Symbol of Storms for finishing the Air Songs.
  • The Content Not Found: holy-symbol-of-pholus left Baal at Mavi. Baal learned the ritual that would let him extract Dragon Essence from willing or unconscious dragons and decided to use it to brew alcohol along with Corina and Alec to form the Drunken Dragon Brewing Company. After completing the Water Trials, he received the Symbol of Cleansing.

Paragon Tier

Flamespeaker Prophecies

Epic Tier

Baal's Story

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