Bixby's Story

Heroic Tier

Bixby, the shifter and former cleric turned rogue, joined the Alchemists in Pallet Town. While there he came across a dark spirit that promised him the power to help unite his people and made a pact with it. While solving the problems in Pallet Town, he helped a gang of halflings defeat a rival gang which earned him much respect amongst the halfling gangs.

  • He received the Symbol of _______ for completing the Earth Tests.
  • During the Fire Trials, he sided with the Fire Titans and was instrumental in forging peace between them and the Efreets. For his service, he was rewarded with a hell hound puppy but was also temporarily marked as a Fire Titan causing a few minor problems. After the orphan Damien joined the group, Bixby trained him in stealth and trickery. For completing the Fire Trials, Bixby received the Symbol of ________.
  • He received the Symbol of _______ for finishing the Air Songs.
  • En route to Mavi, he came across a disheveled human named Hack. Bixby kidnapped him and dressed him up as a pirate and told the crew he was the captain. Hack escaped Bixby’s clutches at Mavi during the confusion of the dinner party murder. Bixby’s trickery helped Alec escape his prison. Shadows started coming to life around him at night as his dreams started being visible to the rest of the party. After completing the Water Trials, he received the Symbol of _______.
  • At the Shifter camp on the way to Ishik, Bixby was discovered by Talia, a girl he grew up with in his old tribe and reunited with his old master, Hardric. Hardric died a few days later but told Bixby to seek the light in his last days. About this time, Bixby’s dark pact shadow tried taking over his mind to lead the tribes to darkness. It momentarily succeeded and attacked Cloud, who was a champion of the light. Bixby apologized but the light priests were not happy. Bixby left the Shifters but told Talia to spread his message of balance to the other Shifters.

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Bixby's Story

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