Corina's Story

Heroic Tier

Corina, the halfling circus performer grew up listening to tales from her Adventurer grandfather, Corin. Her oldest brother, also named Corin, inspired her to also become an adventurer so when she was old enough, she sought to join the Alchemists in Pallet Town. She often uses her circus acrobatics to entertain children and drunks.

  • For completing the Earth Tests, she received the Symbol of ________.
  • In Kizil, she sided with the Efreet and received the Symbol of _______ for completing the Fire Trials.
  • At Yeshil, she helped figure out the Kenku circus was being used to cover up a poaching operation. She was captured with Nina by the charismatic circus owner but saved by the rest of the party when they accidentally destroyed the poachers’ air ship. She found out her brother had helped Nina escape her former life as a slave at the circus. Corina received the Symbol of _______ for finishing the Air Songs.
  • In Mavi, along with Alec and Baal, she formed the Drunken Dragon Brewing Company. After she finished the Water Trials, Corina received the Symbol of ________.

Paragon Tier

Determined Dagger Master

Epic Tier

Corina's Story

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