dagger master

After the party returns to Portakal, Aiden tells Corinna he has a letter for her. When she reads it, she discovers that her grandfather doesn’t have much time left and she should hurry home as quickly as possible. Aiden says the Alchemists will pay for her travel expenses and she leaves as quickly as possible.
Corinma arrives home a few days before her grandfather passes and spends his final days with him. He wants to hear all about her adventures and her stories make is last days happy ones. Before he dies, he gives Corinna an odd shaped dagger and tells her she should go learn from his old teacher, Master Kukiri. Master Kukiri is an Elf that lives near the sky city of Yeshil.

When she arrives she whistles her song and to her surprise her griffon shows up shortly afterwards. She uses it to fly around the city until she find Master Kukiri. He is a gruff old man that won’t take on any new students as he’s retired. However once she mentions her grandfather’s name he changes his mind agrees to take her on as a student but warns her it won’t be easy. Her first arduous task is to make him dinner. However she has to chop everything with one of his Kukiri daggers and that proves difficult because of their odd shape. When she shows him the mangled vegetables and meat he makes her do it again and again till finally he pushes her aside and does it himself. He tells her if this keeps up he’s going to starve to death. The next days go the same way with everything Corinna does being wrong. Nothing she does pleases him and he makes sure to let her know. She tries to not let it get to her but after a week she had enough and confronts him about it. He tells her she knows nothing and if she wants to quit she can. He doesn’t want to waste his time on students who don’t learn.

A few days later, however, she notices he only makes her prepare the food twice and complains less. The knives also start to feel more normal in her hand and she starts figuring out how to cut with them. Shortly thereafter she makes him a meal on the first try and he doesn’t say one word of complaint. The next day he starts teaching her how to use the daggers in ways other than chopping vegetables and cutting meat. This cycle continues of him berating her until his complaints slow and ultimately stop. He never praises her but Corinna can tell she’s getting better. However, one night, several months later, he tells her she must leave tomorrow and not return until she learns to “cut with the wind.” He also takes all her daggers and knives leaving her with no weapons.

A month later, Corinna still isn’t any closer to figuring out how to “cut with the wind.” She tried blowing hard or whistling the right way. She tried slicing her hand through the air and even jumping off the clouds to get enough speed first (then saved by her griffon). Nothing worked although the sky diving was rather fun and she had taken to doing it more and more. That’s what she was doing this day, just jumping and flying her griffon back up but it wasn’t making her feel any better. Her griffon was getting tired so she stopped in a field for a bit so it could rest when she was approached but some punks looking for trouble. They started harassing her and her griffon and she was so mad but had no weapons. She saw a griffon feathers falling from the panicked creature and without thinking she grabbed one and slashed at one of the attackers. To everyone’s surprise it drew blood. The punks ran away at that because she could apparently cut with a feather.

Suddenly Corinna had a realization and as soon as her griffon was rested she flew back to Kukiri. She showed him how she could slice with a feather and he told her she had learned all he could teach her. Also, he had a letter for her that he received a few weeks ago. It was from Commander Aiden. In it, Aiden asked her to return to Portakal as soon as possible as he had a special mission that he needed her and her group for.

dagger master

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